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Hooked on Milk from the Jar

My boyfriend bought me a jar of milk the other day.... the kind that has a thick layer of cream on top.... the fattening kind. And let me tell you, that is some delicious milk! At first glance I thought to myself.... "well this is kinda gross" but then I had a bowl of cereal with it and was completely hooked. The next day I heated some up for my coffee, and noticed that the little specks of cream melted when it warmed up, like melted butter. I stirred
it and took a sip and could not believe how good it tasted! It was even better in my coffee.

I've seen several articles that stated full-fat dairy products were better for you than lowfat because there is less processing, and the fat helps your body absorb the protein and calcium, so I've decided to include it in my diet. Not as something to eat all day long, but as a healthy snack, like a warm cup of milk before bed that way I'm getting a good dose of calcium and protein in my diet too.

What I ate so far today -
4 cups of coffee with sugar and milk
1 bowl of wheaties with skim milk (skim so I don't have too many calories)
1 yogurt
1 cup of tea with honey
5 or 6 baby carrots with 2tbsp of hummus
steamed broccolli with olive oil, balsemic vinegar, parmesean cheese
Small Marinated chicken breast

I'll probably steam some baby carrots and eat another chicken breast for dinner and that should conclude my eating for the day.
Today is my rest day so I won't be working out tonight.

I did clean the apartment from top to bottom though, so I did get some exercise.


March 2013

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