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Skinny Jeans

Two amazing things happened yesterday.

The first thing, I reached 152lbs, which is another pound down. This was a shock to me because the day before yesterday was my resting day, which means I didn't work out. It seems the day I don't work out, I lose the most weight... I guess because I'm not drinking a lot of water, and I end up not eating as much.

The second thing, yesterday was laundry day, so while I was out doing laundry, I decided to try on jeans from Ardene's next store. I was disappointed to see that their jean sizes only went up to 11. I figured I was probably a size 12. So I decide to give the 11's a try.... not expecting to fit them. Turns out, they are baggy on me! I ended up needing a size 9! I have never worn a size 9 that I can remember. I was a size 10/11 in 5th grade. I bought the jeans and a dress. The jeans were 50% off, and the dress was 70% off, so I only spent $25. The jeans were my first pair of skinny jeans and they are so cute. I would have never expected to like skinny jeans on me.

I did a good work out at home last night and will be going to the gym today. I'm so excited to lose this extra weight, I know I'll get it off before summer!


March 2013

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