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Jan. 5th, 2013

Currently 155 pounds

Did 90 minutes on the treadmill today

so far what i ate:

Bowl cereal with skim milk
cup of coffee
3 eggs
1 slice of rye toast with jam

Dec. 31st, 2012

Update: 4 yrs later

Wow, a lot has happened since the last time I used this journal. I made it through college, worked 2 yrs at a pulmonary clinic, GAINED 44 pounds since 2009, then LOST it again. Currently 156 pounds. It is destiny to come across this journal again. I'm going to finish what I started and make it to 130 pounds! Just got off the treadmill this morning. Will update later what I eat today.

Mar. 14th, 2009

I'm back...

I need to start using this thing again. I finally made it down to 159 pounds yesterday. it took forever! now i dont want to eat because im afraid im going to gain that pound back.

I think i should start focusing on the biggest number instead of the smallest number shown on the scale. i havent seen 164lbs in months. my weight fluctuates in smaller numbers now, it may have taken a couple months to get to 159lbs, but 163lbs (which used to be my small number) is now the big number.

this weekend is supposed to be beautiful so im going to be jogging everyday for the next 4 days. i am jogging now instead of walking.

Feb. 5th, 2009

I'm done with writing down what I eat

It's beginning to feel like a chore. I'm still on my diet, and I'm doing ok. I ate too late last night, I had a bowl of cereal. I need to stop doing that. I won't do that tonight.

Feb. 2nd, 2009

Feb 1st, 2009

exercise -  none

breakfast - bowl of cereal
lunch - carrots with ranch dressing, bowl of oatmeal
dinner - lasagna
dessert - ice cream

additional - another slice of lasagna, a yogurt, sprite

Feb. 1st, 2009

Jan 31, 2009 (weigh-in day)

exercise - none

food -
breakfast - eggs, orange juice
lunch - pepsi, 6 slices of extremely thin pizza
dinner - 2 slices of lasagna, can of 7 up
dessert - bowl of ice cream

current weight is 161.4lbs

Jan. 31st, 2009

jan 30, 2009

exercise - none

breakfast - yogurt
lunch - slice of pizza hut pizza
dinner - 3 slices of degornio pizza, a pepsi (not diet!)
dessert - ice cream

i fucked up my diet this week, just by this day.

Jan. 30th, 2009

jan 29, 2009

exercise - none

food -
breakfast - yogurt
lunch - apple, carrots with ranch
dinner - bowl of cereal, yogurt

additional - jelly toast, slice of bread & butter

Jan. 29th, 2009

jan 28, 2009

exercise - none

food -
breakfast - oatmeal
lunch - yogurt, fuze drink
dinner - 4 1/2 slices of pizza hut pizza (my bad)

Jan. 28th, 2009

Jan 27th, 2009

exercise - none

food -
breakfast - apple
lunch - yogurt
snack - carrots with ranch, chicken strip
dinner - baked chicken, peas
snack - yogurt
additional - bowl of cheerios

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