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Mar. 14th, 2013

Had braces put on March 13th

So this month has been pretty exciting. I received my income tax returns and took out my 401k so I could get braces. I had a couple teeth pulled a few weeks ago and the braces put on. I have not been able to eat solid food much, and have lost a pound. I'm currently 149lbs. The braces will be on for 2 years. And it's going to cost $260 a month, $6500 all together. I haven't been exercising at all, just because I'm not eating much.

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Feb. 10th, 2013


My weight has hit a plateau lately, I think I've stuck to the same routine for too long. Oh well, just going to push through it.

I received my income tax returns earlier this week and bought an iPad Mini. I downloaded Myfitnesspal, that is one awesome app! I love how you can just scan the barcode and it adds everything. Unfortunately I eat a lot of food that isn't prepackaged, like meats made at the store, or fresh fruits and vegetables, so it's not as convenient for me. I can see it coming in handy if I end up staying at my mom's and need to budget my food better. In that case, I'll use it more often. The iPad Mini sits perfectly on my treadmill too, so I can easily get on Youtube and listen to music while I work out. Taking photos is amazing too, I can just take a photo, click on it, and send it to wherever I want online without taking several steps to upload it like I have to on a PC.

I also bought a new pair of heels from Ardenes, They're a tan/nude color, I always wanted a pair of heels like that.

Feb. 6th, 2013

Feeling "down" lately

I've been feeling really tired, lazy, and bored lately. I'm not in the mood to exercise... luckily my eating is still good. I think I'm dehydrated and that's why. Today I bought 4 large bottles of perrier water, I finished a bottle so far, and still feel sleepy. Maybe it takes awhile for your body to store it. I'm also sick of winter, I want to get outside and do something!

Anyway, I will update later when I'm in a more focused mood. I hope everyone is still sticking to their plans, when summer gets here you'll be happy you did :)

Feb. 1st, 2013

Skinny Jeans

Two amazing things happened yesterday.

The first thing, I reached 152lbs, which is another pound down. This was a shock to me because the day before yesterday was my resting day, which means I didn't work out. It seems the day I don't work out, I lose the most weight... I guess because I'm not drinking a lot of water, and I end up not eating as much.

The second thing, yesterday was laundry day, so while I was out doing laundry, I decided to try on jeans from Ardene's next store. I was disappointed to see that their jean sizes only went up to 11. I figured I was probably a size 12. So I decide to give the 11's a try.... not expecting to fit them. Turns out, they are baggy on me! I ended up needing a size 9! I have never worn a size 9 that I can remember. I was a size 10/11 in 5th grade. I bought the jeans and a dress. The jeans were 50% off, and the dress was 70% off, so I only spent $25. The jeans were my first pair of skinny jeans and they are so cute. I would have never expected to like skinny jeans on me.

I did a good work out at home last night and will be going to the gym today. I'm so excited to lose this extra weight, I know I'll get it off before summer!

Jan. 30th, 2013

Hooked on Milk from the Jar

My boyfriend bought me a jar of milk the other day.... the kind that has a thick layer of cream on top.... the fattening kind. And let me tell you, that is some delicious milk! At first glance I thought to myself.... "well this is kinda gross" but then I had a bowl of cereal with it and was completely hooked. The next day I heated some up for my coffee, and noticed that the little specks of cream melted when it warmed up, like melted butter. I stirred
it and took a sip and could not believe how good it tasted! It was even better in my coffee.

I've seen several articles that stated full-fat dairy products were better for you than lowfat because there is less processing, and the fat helps your body absorb the protein and calcium, so I've decided to include it in my diet. Not as something to eat all day long, but as a healthy snack, like a warm cup of milk before bed that way I'm getting a good dose of calcium and protein in my diet too.

What I ate so far today -
4 cups of coffee with sugar and milk
1 bowl of wheaties with skim milk (skim so I don't have too many calories)
1 yogurt
1 cup of tea with honey
5 or 6 baby carrots with 2tbsp of hummus
steamed broccolli with olive oil, balsemic vinegar, parmesean cheese
Small Marinated chicken breast

I'll probably steam some baby carrots and eat another chicken breast for dinner and that should conclude my eating for the day.
Today is my rest day so I won't be working out tonight.

I did clean the apartment from top to bottom though, so I did get some exercise.

Jan. 27th, 2013

Down another pound this Morning!

I'm currently at 153 pounds.... this is a HUGE milestone for me because I haven't weighed this much since I was in middle school! The 3 days of 90 minutes of cardio then 1 day rest seems to be working well.

Yesterday was my resting day, and I even cheated a little! I had:

-Several cups of coffee with skim milk and sugar, probably 4 cups (Thank god it's calorie-free minus the sugar and milk)
-Lime and Ginger marinated chicken breast with Lime & Tequila Jelly
-A salad with: mixed greens, diced pears, feta cheese, onion, olive oil and balsemic vinegar
-tea with honey
-a yogurt
Went to Greek Restaurant for dinner:
-4 or 5 meatballs with orzo noodles in tomato sauce
-greek salad (feta, onion, olive oil, iceburg lettuce)
-2 glasses of white wine

My boyfriend and I went to the movies last night to see Django and shared a 12oz Ginger Ale soda.
When we got home I had another tea with honey

I will be happily getting on the treadmill tonight for 90 minutes.

Jan. 24th, 2013

Last Night's Work-Out

Last night when it was time to get on the treadmill, I changed my mind about working out. I decided I really wasn't in the mood to do a work out. Then I spoke to my boyfriend about it and he convinced me to get on the treadmill. So I ended up walking for an hour. I was extremely annoyed and pessimistic during my work out, but felt great afterwards. I'll be getting back on the treadmill tonight.

My eating hasn't been great. Not bad but not good either. Today I had

3 cups of coffee with sugar and milk (about to get another one too)
a bowl of cereal
a large marinated chicken breast
a sweet potato with butter, salt, pepper
1 yogurt
a cup of tea with honey

I guessing I had about 900-1000 calories so far. So I need to have about 500 more calories today. Since I feel full right now, I think I can manage it.

Jan. 22nd, 2013

Resting Day

So I came up with a new work out routine, 3 days of doing 90 minutes on the treadmill, followed by 1 rest day. Then repeat. Today is my resting day. Plus all my gym clothes are soaked in sweat so gotta do laundry. And the only way I can do laundry is by going to the Laundry mat =/

I kinda pigged out for brunch but I think I'm ok calorie wise. So far what I ate today:

2 cups of coffee with milk and sugar
1 yogurt
small handful of carrots with hummus
small feta/pear salad
slice of toast with orange marmalade
portion of salmon
1 cup of tea with honey

I'm guessing I had anywhere between 600-800 calories so far and it's almost 2pm. Not bad. I could have another 800 calories today and be fine.

In other news, it's fucking cold outside. Cannot wait for summer, i'm planning on having the best summer of my life this year.

Jan. 21st, 2013

Changing my Attitude

Today I'm choosing to practice being more confident, having a better posture, be more productive, etc. Anything that will improve my confidence and self esteem. I have good self esteem already, but now that I'm down 46 pounds, I want to transform myself, in celebration, for fun? I put on make-up this morning, blew dry my hair, put a cute blazer on, put on some leather boots. Tonight I'm going to give myself a manicure. I'm also practicing meditation tonight. I did last night too. Then we kept the lights on low for the rest of the night, it was very peaceful. I'm also going to cut back on eating today. I'm only going to eat when I'm hungry, and see if I can see a new number on the scale tomorrow.

Jan. 14th, 2013

Got new running shoes yesterday

got new running shoes yesterday. they're nike and are grey and baby blue. I love them! Can't wait to try them out. Yesterday I ate out twice, for breakfast we went to Flo's Diner in Toronto, I had 2 eggs, A slice of toast with butter and jam, half a turkey sausage, and some fried potatos with ketchup. Not very healthy, but I did share a lot of my plate with someone. Then for lunch we went to a pasta restaurant in the beaches area. I had a very thin pizza with a little cheese and a salad. I had a glass of wine and a pure chocolate truffle and a yogurt between lunch and dinner. For dinner I had a rice and bean burrito with cheese and salsa on top. Then had a cup of tea. I was overly hungry last night.

Today I will be working out for 90 minutes.

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