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Weight Loss Progress Journal

21 June 1988
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My name is Kristin and I have made my New Year's Resolution to lose weight. I have been dieting for the last year and I have lost 35lbs. I will be losing another 35lbs this year, and I have started this journal as a way to keep track of my progess. When I first started dieting, I weighed 197lbs. My goal is to reach 130lbs by December of 2009. If you come across this journal, feel free to comment on any of the entries, and if you have any advice or tips, I will gladly take them :)

So it is now 2013, and I have GAINED all my weight back in 2011, and have LOST it all again in 2012. I am currently at 154 pounds and My goal is to reach 130 by June 2013.